White Paper: Telecom as the Middleware Stack | Orchestration of Virtualization & Oversubscription of Core Operations

I have finally published my first white paper on the revolution of the telecom industry that has the potential to change the way we communicate, share, and exist.

Authored on: 2014/02/07
Published on: 2014/04/07
Copyright (c)2014 Lance G. Douglas.  All rights released.


This white paper investigates the opportunity and risk-mitigation made available when migrating to a real-time, telecom-operator-wide integration of the control, delivery, and operations planes via a proven purpose-built middleware stack approach.  The proposed result being the stability of immediate- and long-term viability, protection from disruptive technologies, as well as competitive advantage over market challengers while converting existing cost-centers into new profit centers.


About the Author

Lance G. Douglas has been an in-the-trenches innovator in the North American telecom, government, and enterprise managed-technology space for nearly 20 years, and most recently led the technology and operations’ vision as founding CEO of Canada’s first Gigabit city service provider, O-NET.  Having worked within and for leading service providers, Lance is innately aware, with both outside-in and center-out perspectives, of the time, cost, and compounding-value challenges that service providers face when responding to market challengers, disruptors, and opportunities.  Lance’s passion is injecting optimization and flexibility into corporate-strategy through the commoditization of orchestration and virtualization of telecom operations, resulting in reduction of risk and in the compounding value and agility with each move forward.

Working at WSO2 has afforded Lance direct access to leading middleware technology that has the opportunity to offer the telecom industry a safe and phased approach for a service provider to quickly move into a future-defining position with compounding value vs. a challenger-responding, future-chasing situation with only incremental one-off or proprietary value-adds relative to enhancements.