Photo cred: Deon Nel

My Perspective of Me

Personally, I am the loving husband of Judy that makes up our whole, and the adoring father of Jaina Grace and Jacob Sylvester.  As a God-fearing man, I strive for honesty and integrity in my humility.  I've matured into a very stable person, emotionally and character-wise, which sometimes comes off as stoic or annoyed when I'm actually just taking it all in, in stride.

Professionally, I am an undiluted solution of one-part problem-solver and one-part extreme-challenger, with a dash of salt.  I love to work with teams willing to jump out of the boat (i.e. beyond just rocking-it) and learn on the spot what it means to swim, support, and excel in that new ocean.

Fundamentals: I believe that with technology "anything is possible" but it must be balanced with "nothing remains concretely-true", since the world changes faster than in our own little circles and no matter how smart we seem to our-selves and our-others, there are always others'-others that are developing/gaining their own perspectives, and those perspectives need to meet on purpose, or at least speed-date by accident, for the world to realize and true value gain; technology brilliance is realized in the wisdom of humility.



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