Looking for Evidence

The threat and weakness to the seeking out of evidence is that quite often, when found, evidence is susceptible to bias and/or lack of understanding of how that knowledge is influenced, or influences, the bigger picture. Evidence must be evident, both from upstream, downstream, and horizontal perspectives.

Wisdom demonstrates that evidence is knowledge, which leads to understanding, which is unbiased and context-specific first.  This fact is invariably realized within all intelligence gathering, origination, and organization.

So instead of becoming lost in the biased speculation of "Looking for Evidence" and believing that knowledge is understanding, you must work within a framework for the origination and organization of humble knowledge.  Just like when building a puzzle, find the picture first, not just hints of speculation.  When the picture doesn't exist, realize that every piece of knowledge is speculation until the understanding of the picture can be realized.

What does humility have to do with it?  Genius is understanding that you cannot know everything; and wisdom is experience of threshold(s) needed to achieve valid perspective from what you do know.  (Rings as: fools speak early but say less, the wise speak less and say more).